Safety First Aid training for Le Thy staff


Cooperation between businesses and the health sector is an important step for the community to develop not only economically but also in terms of public health. In this spirit, Le Thy Company and Hong Ngoc Hospital have established a first aid training cooperation model in the community, bringing great benefits to both the community and businesses.

Safety training

1. General Goal

The overall goal of the project is to enhance community first aid response to medical emergencies. Both partners are committed to providing the necessary knowledge and skills so that workers can deal with emergency situations effectively.

2. Training Program

The first aid training program is strictly designed, including practical and theoretical training sessions. Experts from Hong Ngoc Hospital provide in-depth knowledge in the medical field, while Le Thy Company's personnel act as instructors and consultants on how to apply first aid in community settings. .

3. Equipment Support

Le Thy Company and Hong Ngoc Hospital unanimously support the community by providing necessary first aid equipment. These equipment not only help improve first aid response but also ensure safety and the best health care in an emergency.

4. Create a Social Platform

This cooperation is not only an inward program with Le Thy Company's employees but also extends to the social community. Both partners promote self-awareness in the community, creating a platform where people can share first aid knowledge and skills with each other.

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