Method of pressing concrete piles

Reinforced concrete piles are type stake supporting or hanging, often used for multi-storey residential buildings or industrial buildings with large loads.

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Durable reinforced concrete piles can resist the erosion of chemicals dissolved in the water below the foundation.

Size stake Depending on calculation requirements, the cross-section can be square, circular or triangular, from 6-20m long and more.

Reinforced concrete piles can be connected with a single plate or box to suit the transport vehicle and pile driving machine

+ Transport and install piles with cranes only when the piles have reached sufficient strength, avoiding chipping and collisions between the piles and other objects.

Pile Precast reinforced concrete is the most widely used type of pile in deep foundations subjected to large horizontal forces

Pile Made of regular reinforced concrete M>200, the total length is 5 to 25m, sometimes reaching 45m, the length

of cast piles depends on construction conditions (manufacturing equipment, installation, transportation...) and is related to the load-bearing section.

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