Piles with horizontal load

What is a pile that can withstand horizontal loads?

pasteIn today's common calculations, we are calculating the low pile foundation with the assumption that the pile cannot bend. The reason this assumption can be accepted is because the earth pressure on the pile and the station is capable of balancing the shear force Q transmitted by the body structure. Let Q be as close to balance as the soil pressure based on calculations based on the assumption that the horizontal load is completely "absorbed" by the soil above the bottom of the foundation.

In fact, the pile can still withstand bending:
– Piles are subjected to bending during construction: that is when cranes install and transport.
– Piles are subject to bending during exploitation.

In exploitation, piles are subjected to horizontal loads and bending due to:
– Soil pressure and change in soil pressure on the pile body.
– Complex developments of the ground change the value and direction of earth pressure. Bearing large horizontal loads to overcome passive earth pressure.
– The slenderness of the pile is large.
– Withstand earthquake loads.

However, studying soil pressure on piles is an extremely complicated issue, many researchers have been focusing on this issue (For example: in the world there are Reese, Matlock, in Vietnam there is Dr. Dao Van Tuan – DHHH) [1]

Currently, countries such as the US, China, and Germany often calculate the problem of pile foundations subjected to horizontal loads according to the model considering pile-soil interaction working simultaneously with many different modeling types.

For example, China's "m" method assumes that the foundation coefficient increases linearly with depth to simulate pile-soil interaction (Foundation spreadsheet for Thuan Phuoc suspension bridge tower); the US simulates pile-bearing interaction. Horizontal load - soil according to py curve theory (nonlinear pile-soil interaction model), these py curves are built on the basis of parameters of piles subjected to horizontal load and collected soil criteria. collected (many criteria require very complicated testing). (From Structure Wiki)

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