What is the economic efficiency of the small-section bored pile solution?

Solution for small-section bored piles


Depending on geological conditions and project scale, the cost of piles and pile caps when using small-section bored piles is not much higher than using traditional pressed piles.

In some cases, when the soft soil layer is thick, the building is over 5 stories high, and is built in a narrow land area, the cost is lower than using pressed piles. The effectiveness of small-section bored piles is also shown in other characteristics such as

* Does not cause subsidence or cracking of adjacent structures during construction, so it will not incur compensation or repair costs for neighboring structures, speeding up construction progress.
* When constructing small diameter bored piles, it ensures absolute safety for surrounding existing structures, which is also the biggest advantage for the current interlocking foundation solution.

* The process of constructing bored piles with small cross-sections and small diameters is easy, the construction machine is compact and can enter every house in the city. Does not affect the foundations and structures of neighboring buildings.
* Small-section bored piles take full advantage of the bearing capacity of the pile foundation concrete due to the calculation condition based on concentrated force. The load capacity on each pile head is about 50 tons to 185 tons. 3 to 4 times the load capacity of the pressed pile.

Diameter D300: Load capacity: 30 - 60 tons/pile.

Diameter D400: Load capacity: 50 - 80 tons/pile.

Diameter D500: Load capacity: 100 - 140 tons/pile.

Diameter D600: Load capacity from: 120 - 185 tons/pile.

* The price is cheaper than other types of reinforced concrete pile foundations thanks to the high load-bearing capacity on each pile head, so the number of piles in the foundation is reduced. In addition, the compact pile cap contributes to reducing the cost of the pile.

* High safety in design and construction. Concrete is poured continuously from the bottom of the borehole to the top to avoid joints between the piles. Thanks to the guide tower, the pile difference is guaranteed to be within the allowable limit.

* Construction is quick and closely monitored.

* Determine the stratum that the pile penetrates, thereby accurately determining the depth of the pile to ensure the safety of the project. Determine the underground depth of the pile on good ground.

* The pile head can be chosen at an arbitrary height to suit the building structure and architectural site planning.

* Medium-sized projects with 5-7 floors: the cost of the small bored pile option is equivalent or not significantly higher than the pressed pile if the reduced cost of the truss is taken into account.

* Multi-story buildings built together, with 9 floors or more: the cost of the small bored pile option is lower than the pressed pile option and has higher safety.

(According to datvietfoundation)

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