Pressing concrete piles – How Not to crack the house next door?

D350 centrifugal concrete pile pressing
Centrifugal concrete pile pressing D350

To avoid pressing concrete piles causing cracks in the house next door, you can comply with the following construction principles:

  1. Place concrete piles away from neighboring houses: Make sure the piles are placed far enough away from neighbors' houses to avoid direct impact on their home's foundation and structure. The specific distance will depend on the technical requirements and regulations of the local area.
  2. Determine the correct position of the pile: Before starting construction, ensure that the piles are properly positioned according to the design plan. Misalignment of the pile position can cause unwanted impacts on neighboring houses.
  3. Using modern concrete pile pressing technology: Modern concrete pile pressing technology, such as pile pressing with a groundbreaking vibrating hammer system, helps minimize impact on neighboring houses. These technologies typically produce small vibrations and do not cause significant damage to adjacent structures.
  4. Ensuring material quality: Use good quality concrete materials and follow correct construction procedures. Concrete must be mixed in the correct proportions, mixed uniformly and have enough hardness to meet technical requirements.
  5. Close supervision during construction: Ensure that the pile pressing process takes place according to the correct procedure and is closely monitored. Monitor important technical parameters such as pile pressure, depth, and pile pressing time to ensure the stability and safety of the project.
  6. Expert advice: If you do not have experience or are not confident in constructing concrete piles, seek advice from experts in the field of construction. They can help you come up with the right methods and procedures to avoid harming your neighbors.

Note that avoiding cracks in the house next door cannot guarantee the 100% at all. However, following the correct concrete pile construction rules and procedures will help minimize risks and impacts on neighbors.

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