What is Concrete Piling?

 Reinforced concrete piles are quite commonly used for foundation systems of construction projects today. Concrete piles include two main types: centrifugal concrete piles with circular cross-section and reinforced concrete piles with square cross-section.

 – Centrifugal concrete piles: A type of round pile with diameters of 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, 800 produced at the factory according to a specialized line, the reinforcement is made from pre-tensioned and tensioned cables, Concrete is poured using the centrifugal method and steamed in a boiler at a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius. 

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     – Square concrete coc: These are piles with square cross-sections of 250×250, 300×300, 350×350,… cast by manual method. The reinforcement used is plain or ribbed reinforcement depending on the design. After processing, the steel cage will be put into a mold and poured with fresh concrete or mixed concrete on site. After pouring concrete, the pile is covered with wet cloth, burlap and watered regularly until it reaches strength and removed. Pile.


What is concrete pile pressing?

     Pressing concrete piles is to use a hydraulic press with a counterweight load to drive concrete piles into the ground without causing noise or vibrations like driving piles with a conventional hammer. Pile pressing is stopped when the pile head is embedded in the hard geological layer or the pressing force has reached the load Pmax.


     Pile pressing construction methods: here

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