Le Thy Construction Company Limited 2023

Established and developed in the context of a strong economy, the demand for construction, especially in the field of foundations, foundations and underground works is increasing rapidly. Located at: No. 12, Street 27, Van Phuc Residential Area, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, City. Thu Duc, HCMC. Le Thy Construction Company Limited is known to everyone as an enterprise specializing in: Supply of materials, equipment and construction of foundation for wind turbines - Construction of casting, driving and pressing reinforced concrete piles, bored piles, piling presses larsen, installation and dismantling shoring system.

Long-term commitment based on benefits and compatibility, we have succeeded in providing customers with quick construction, clear payment procedures. We always give practical experience in the construction process to maximize benefits, minimize costs, and bring maximum benefits to customers. With on-time methods, quick construction solutions, a team of highly specialized engineers and skilled workers with full experience always meet the needs of customers. In line with construction standards in the industry, our company has built a closed production and construction process, taking customer's trust as the basis for measuring success. In order to achieve the set goals, Le Thy Construction Co., Ltd. must always improve themselves, go into professionalization at a higher level every day, focus on training leaders and employees who are strong in theory, good in practice. We also focus on other skills: communication skills with customers, professional customer care, fully equipped with high-quality construction machinery, and set strict requirements for construction quality, and explore new methods, conquering quality challenges to create more and more perfect construction products.

Our company is currently performing foundation construction for customers, with modern, specialized facilities and a team of professional engineers and construction workers operating throughout the territory of Vietnam, fully satisfying diverse and necessary needs of customers in the field of construction.

With a system of modern specialized equipment and facilities, the management team and engineers are the leading experts in Vietnam in the field of foundation construction. Therefore, the product quality will make customers feel secure, the price and cost will not make the customer spend a lot of time negotiating, the service is higher than the customer's expectations. We believe and make sure that our company's products will satisfy customers.


 Production – Construction – Installation of wind power

Specifically, Le Thy undertakes the full construction of 3 main items of the project as follows:

1. Supply and construction of all items of centrifugal concrete piles with diameter D800 and perform concrete work for the foundation of wind turbine pillars according to the scope of work and technical measures as committed to the customer.


2. Construction and finishing of wind turbine pillar foundation.

looking forward to cheers

Construction of wind power foundation at the project Tan Phu Dong 2

3. Production and installation of steel structure turbines (Pile head reinforcement shackles, J Tube, pillars and buckets, buffers and buckets, railings, stairs, bearing floors, monitoring hooks...).

Jtube 1
cum 1

In addition, we also rent equipment for wind power construction to other units if required.

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