Should You Use Bored Piles?

Should bored piles be used?

procedurePile the stuffing cavity
Moment of resistance to bending: For bored piles, everyone can see that its deep drilling ability and especially the amount of reinforcement is quite large, leading to its very good moment of bending resistance.
Quality control: Controlling concrete quality is the most controversial aspect of bored piles, relatively difficult compared to pre-placed reinforced concrete piles.
Construction progress: Construction progress is slow compared to pre-placed reinforced concrete piles at the factory
Price: quite expensive compared to reinforced concrete piles


Construction of bored pile drilling
Advantages: Can be constructed on neighboring constructions with little impact compared to pressed piles at that construction.
And pre-stressed reinforced concrete piles are the opposite, reinforced concrete piles are very dangerous when actually constructed in 3 basement floors, Admin has not seen anyone constructing with 3 basement floors. The bending resistance cannot be compared with bored piles, and additional attention should be paid to its strength according to regulations and the pushing force of the ground.

Depending on the design, foundation options can be coordinated. For example, if it is close to the edge but cannot use reinforced concrete piles because the equipment cannot press them because of obstacles, then bored piles can be used... Therefore, when designing the foundation, you should think carefully. If I were an expert, I would always choose the safe option first, not to save money and suffer the consequences later. (Collected knowledge)

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