What is construction consulting?

What is construction consulting?

Construction consulting is a diverse type of consulting in the construction industry, architecture, urban and rural planning... with a close relationship with investment consulting, performing the consulting work that follows the job. of investment consulting.

Construction consulting helps customers - construction investors - organize construction surveys, construction designs and organize bidding for procurement

investment equipment, construction bidding, construction supervision, acceptance of completed work. Normally, for technical infrastructure projects, there is only one investment and construction consulting company that undertakes the work from start to finish.

A construction consulting engineer is a person with sufficient qualifications and expertise to perform construction consulting work. In Vietnam, to practice as a Construction Consulting Engineer, you must have a practicing certificate, have at least 5 years of experience in the construction field and the number of projects involved must be large enough.

Construction consulting organizations are specialized units, operating legally independently and serving customers according to contracts. In countries around the world, these organizations mostly belong to the Construction Consulting Association.

Table of contents
* 1 Classification of construction consulting organizations
* 2 Classification of construction consulting engineers

o 2.1 Classification of construction consulting engineers
+ 2.1.1 According to international practice
+ 2.1.2 According to number of years working (in Vietnam)
+ 2.1.3 Construction consulting organizations and companies

Classification of construction consulting organizations
1. Project management consulting
2. Cost management consulting (pricing engineer)

3. Architectural design consulting
* Specialized in offices, hotels, apartments, resorts...
* Specialized in industrial construction
* Specialized in art works

4. Interior architectural design consulting
5. Urban planning design consulting

6. Consulting on civil and structural design
* Specialized design consulting on foundations and high-rise buildings
* Specialized design consulting on steel and concrete structures
* Specialized design consulting on telecommunications facilities

7. Infrastructure design consulting
* Specialized consulting on roads and bridges
* Specialized consulting on ports and oceans
* Specialized consulting on telecommunications

* Specialized consulting on water
* Specialized consulting on electricity
* Specialized consulting on ore mining
* Specialized consulting on railways
* Specialized consulting on airports

8. Refrigeration M&E design consulting
Including work on designing medium voltage and low voltage electrical systems, water supply and drainage systems; Air conditioning system, cold air system...
9. Acoustic design consulting

Including the design of anti-vibration, anti-noise systems...
10. Environmental design consulting
11. Consulting on mechanical and industrial design
12. Consulting on geological survey of construction works

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