Dinh Bo Linh Bridge Project - 2012

  • Contractors: Enterprise 301 – Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company 3.
  • Category: Supply and press reinforced concrete piles 300X300; Mark 350
"Dinh Bo Linh Bridge" project:

Dinh Bo Linh Bridge on Dinh Bo Linh Street, Binh Thanh District, City. HCM has a load capacity of 13 tons Newly constructed for vehicles with a tonnage of up to 30 tons or extra-long or extra-heavy vehicles. According to Mr. Le Quyet Thang - Director of Urban Traffic Management Area No. 1, construction will be completed Build a temporary bridge for two-wheeled traffic.

Then the contractor will demolish half of Dinh Bo Linh bridge to build a new bridge, leaving the remaining bridge for car traffic. And then continue to destroy The remaining half of the old bridge is left to build a new one. According to the plan, the Dinh Bo Linh bridge upgrading project will be completed in early 2012 with a cost of 30 billion VND.

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