Tan An Long An Bridge Project - Credit to the Transport Industry to renovate the National Road network for the second time

  • Category: Construction and installation measures for steel beams under package B3-63: Construction of Tan An Long An bridge
  • Location: Tan An city, Long An province
  • Contractors: Construction Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company 3
  • Construction unit: Le Thy Construction Company Limited
Some construction images at the project "Tan An Long An Bridge"

The national road network is the main transportation system, connecting provinces, regions and economic points in a country. Renovating this network helps improve the ability to move goods, people and services between regions, contributing to promoting economic development.

The national road network not only helps connect cities and regions, but also brings social connectivity to people. Renovating and improving the quality of transport infrastructure helps attract investors, promote industrial production, trade and services, thereby contributing to the overall economic development of a country.

The improvement of the national road network is of great importance for transportation, social connectivity, tourism development, national security and economic development. This is a necessary element to build a developed and sustainable country.

Le Thy Construction Company Limited is proud to be a trusted and chosen unit for the construction and installation of steel beams for the second national road network improvement project. With experience and in-depth expertise Broadly, we are committed to providing safe, effective and sustainable construction solutions.

We understand that improving the national road network is a complex task and requires high precision. Therefore, we have equipped ourselves with the most modern equipment to perform the construction and installation of steel beams. Our experienced team always adheres to safety standards and technical procedures to ensure perfect joints between steel beams.

We not only value accuracy in our work, but also always comply with project technical and regulatory requirements. We are committed to ensuring that our steel beam installations will meet the load-carrying capacity, stability and longevity requirements of the national road network.

With professional knowledge, continuous learning from experience, modern equipment and commitment to customer service, Le Thy Construction Company Limited hopes to contribute to improving the national road network through Construction and installation of steel beams safely, effectively and sustainably.

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