400×400 reinforced concrete pile pressing – LINH PHONG Pagoda PROJECT, BINH DINH

Project: Building a Road Connecting the Main Road of the Economic Zone to the Spiritual Area of Linh Phong Pagoda

– Category: Supply and construction Pile Reinforced concrete 400×400

Location: Linh Phong Pagoda, Cat Tien commune, h. Phu Cat, Binh Dinh Province

Contractors: Nam Ngan Construction & Technology Co., Ltd

Commencement date: 06/2019

Linh Phong Pagoda is a pagoda located in Binh Dinh province, Vietnam. The pagoda was built on a high mountain top, bringing not only stunning natural beauty but also profound spiritual meaning.

Linh Phong Pagoda is considered one of the most important and oldest pagodas in Binh Dinh. This pagoda has the traditional architecture of Vietnamese pagodas, with structures such as three-entrance gates, shrines, bells and bell towers.

10. Sour Linh Phong Source Nhuan Phat Tien Sinh

Image of Linh Phong Pagoda - Binh Dinh

Le Thy Construction Company Limited is pleased to cooperate and provide 400×400 reinforced concrete pile construction services for Linh Phong pagoda. With experience and knowledge in the construction field, we are committed to bringing you a high quality project.

Some pictures in progress:

 Construction of 400x400 . reinforced concrete piles

We are committed to using high quality materials, complying with safety standards and conducting construction according to standard procedures. Our experienced staff will work hard to complete the project according to your requirements.

 Construction of 400x400 . reinforced concrete piles

 Construction of reinforced concrete piles 400×400

 Construction of 400x400 . reinforced concrete piles

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