Low-rise Apartment Project – District 2

  • Construction: Low-Rise Apartment
  • Location: 263/3A Le Thi Rieng, Quarter 2, Thoi An Ward, District 2, City. HCM
  • Category: Supply and press BTLT D300 piles
  • Work performed:
    • Supply of D300 piles - Crane transportation to the construction site
    • Deploying trial pile pressing and mass pile D300
    • According to design documents: 111 pile centers, the expected pressing depth of each center is 15 meters
    • Pmax: 90 tons. D300 pile, BT 600 grade
    • Actual construction: Pressing depth 10 meters, minus 1 meter above natural ground level with pressing load Pmax: 90 tons
    • The project is in the mass construction phase

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