Construction Project of 1 Wastewater Treatment Tank and 1 Fire Protection Tank of Global Running Company Limited

  • Project category: Leasing and building larsen piles, leasing, erecting and dismantling shoring systems
  • Location: Global Running Company Limited, Lot 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Gia Thuan 1 Industrial Park, Go Cong District, Tien Giang Province
  • Contractors: Pacific Joint Stock Company
  • Construction unit: Le Thy Construction Company Limited
Some construction images at the project "Wastewater treatment tank and fire protection tank of Global Running Company Limited":

Le Thy Construction Co., Ltd. has constructed a wastewater tank and fire protection tank for Global Running Co., Ltd. to ensure safety and compliance with environmental and fire prevention regulations. Before starting construction, the company carried out detailed planning to ensure efficiency and safety during the construction process. A team of experienced engineers and staff have been appointed to oversee each phase of the project.

For the construction of the wastewater tank, the company has complied with the necessary technical regulations. The tank is built from high quality materials, capable of holding large capacity to meet customers' wastewater treatment needs. Ventilation, drainage and odor control systems are also integrated into the design to increase tank performance. 

Besides, the construction of fire protection tanks is an indispensable factor in ensuring safety for the company. The fire protection tank is built according to necessary safety regulations and standards and is equipped with a high-pressure water supply system and modern fire prevention equipment to ensure the ability to quickly respond to incidents.

During the entire construction process, Le Thy Construction Company Limited complied with regulations on labor safety and the environment. We are proud to have a team of hard-working, meticulous staff who ensure construction progress.

With each project, we are committed to bringing the best quality of work and meeting all customer requirements. We always value continuing to learn and update new knowledge to apply at work. Our team not only has solid knowledge of the construction process, but also understands safety standards.

With Le Thy Construction Co., Ltd., project quality and customer satisfaction are always top priority. We are confident that with a team of experienced and enthusiastic personnel, we can bring high quality construction solutions and exceed all customer expectations.

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