School Building - University of Fine Arts

  • Construction: School House – City University of Fine Arts. HCM
  • Category: Rental, construction, extraction of Larsen piles and rental of installation and dismantling of the Shoring Kingpost system
  • Contractors: Hiep Hoa Construction Company Limited
  • Location: No. 5 Phan Dang Luu, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Start: 18/04/2016

Some construction images at the "University of Fine Arts" project:

A University of Fine Arts is a college or university educational institution specializing in art and design. This school focuses on developing the creative and aesthetic skills of students in fields such as painting, sculpture, graphic design, architecture, interior decoration and other related disciplines.

The Schoolhouse - University of Fine Arts project, which started construction in 2019, is an important project in developing the school's facilities. This project aims to create a modern learning and creative space that meets the requirements of the profession and art education. The groundbreaking in 2019 shows the school's commitment to investing and developing this profession.

School buildings may include classrooms, practice rooms, workshops, exhibition rooms and work spaces for students and lecturers. This project represents progress in the field of architecture and design, bringing not only a high-quality learning environment but also a unique architectural highlight to the American University campus. Art.

Le Thy Construction Company Limited participates in the project "University of Fine Arts" in the following 2 categories:

1. Larsen pile rental, construction, and extraction: The company will provide rental services for Larsen piles, as well as perform the driving and extraction of these piles. Larsen piles are used to form retaining walls or foundation pits during construction.

2. Rental, installation and dismantling of Shoring Kingpost system: The company will provide rental and installation services for the Shoring Kingpost system, a type of anti-subsidence system used to maintain the stability of construction structures during construction. In addition, the company also has the ability to disassemble and move the Shoring Kingpost system when the work is completed.

Le Thy Construction Company Limited is proud to own a set of advanced equipment and a team of experienced staff. We are committed to providing high quality construction services and meeting the strict requirements of customers.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is carefully selected and invested in to deliver the highest performance during the construction process. Our experienced staff has many years of experience in the construction industry, has extensive knowledge and the ability to solve problems that arise during the work process.

We always comply with labor safety standards and always apply modern working methods to bring customer satisfaction. With confidence in its equipment and employees, Le Thy Construction Co., Ltd. hopes to become a reliable partner in your construction projects.

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