Wind power project IA Bang - Gia Lai

  • Project : IA Bang wind power project
  • Location: IA Bang Commune, Chu Rong District, Gia Lai
  • Client: Electricity I Construction Joint Stock Company
  • Category:  Rental of machinery and equipment and construction manpower

Ia Bang Wind Power Plant's investor is Ia Bang Wind Power Joint Stock Company, which is one of the Member Companies of Gia Lai Electricity Joint Stock Company. The project is located in Ia Bang Commune, Chu Prong District, Gia Lai Province (Wind Power Project on land). The project planning area has a total survey area of 477 hectares, with a capacity of 50 MW. 

When completed, the project will connect to the national power grid, adding an important source of energy to the country. Along with that, the Project will open up new opportunities for Chu Prong District in particular and Gia Lai Province in general in awakening the untapped potential here.

Le Thy Company is very pleased to be the supplier of machinery and equipment and human resources to serve construction work at the site.

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