Tay Ninh Power Company Operator House Project - CMT8

  • Category: Pressing concrete pile D400
  • Location: Tay Ninh Electricity CompanyTay Ninh Electricity Company, 607 CMT8 - Ward 3 - City. Tay Ninh
Some construction images at the project "Tay Ninh Electricity Company Operating House":

The Operator of Tay Ninh Power Company is the person responsible for managing and operating the power company's operations in Tay Ninh province.

The Operator is responsible for ensuring that the power company operates effectively, produces and provides safe and stable electricity to customers in the area, building and managing a team of professional staff to carry out the task. Perform tasks related to the production, operation and maintenance of electrical systems.

Le Thy Construction Company Limited is pleased to participate in the construction of the Tay Ninh Electricity Company Operating House project. We are committed to providing high quality construction services and ensuring construction progress.

With experience in the construction field and having implemented many successful projects before. We will use the most modern resources and techniques to meet customer requirements. We always comply with labor and environmental safety standards, to protect the health and safety of both employees and the surrounding environment.

We consider maintaining good relationships with customers as a top priority, always listening to customer feedback to improve service quality.

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