Cu Lao Petroleum Warehouse Expansion Project - Phase 2

  • Construction: Expanding Petroleum Storage - Phase 2
  • Investor: Vietnam Oil Corporation (PV OIL)
  • Category:
    • Pressing reinforced concrete piles 350×350
    • Complete petroleum depot
  • Pile pressing construction unit: Le Thy Construction Company Limited
  • Start: 28/03/2010
  • Location: City. Vung Tau

Some construction images at the project "Cu Lao Petroleum Warehouse":

The project is constructed on the existing premises of Cu Lao Tao Petroleum Warehouse by PV Oil is the investor and PXT is the direct construction unit. On November 10, at Cu Lao Tao Petroleum Depot (Vung Tau City), Petroleum Storage Tank Pipeline Construction Joint Stock Company (PXT) combined with Vietnam Oil Corporation (PV Oil) to organize groundbreaking ceremony for the project "Expansion Cu Lao Tao petroleum warehouse Phase 2 with capacity of 70,400m”.

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