Apartment Building - Office Project - Saigon Ba Son Complex 2022

  • Project: Apartment Building - Service Office - Commercial Services HH4-1, HH4-2, HH4-3 Saigon Ba Son Complex
  • Category:
    • Construction Supply work
    • Construction of larsen piles and bracing system
  • Construction contractor: Le Thy Construction Company Limited
  • Contractors: NEWTECONS construction investment joint stock company
Some construction images at the project "Saigon Ba Son Complex":

Constructed with stages of quality assurance and progress, the HH4-1, HH4-2, HH4-3 Saigon Ba Son Complex of Apartment Building - Service Office - Service Trade a unique project located in a prime location of Saigon city.

Excavation work

The construction process of the project begins with the excavation stage. A team of technicians and skilled workers will conduct the excavation according to the previously designed plan. The excavation process is carried out carefully, in compliance with safety and environmental regulations, to ensure that it does not affect the surrounding structure and ensures the safety of the building.

Construction of Larsen poles

After digging the soil, the next process is hard pressing with the Larsen system. The Larsen system is a method of hard pressing with thick steel plates of L or U shape, interlaced and positioned by locating stakes. This hardening process helps to create a strong and stable environment in which to build the above-ground floors, while also minimizing the impact of soil movement and groundwater.

Installation of shoring

To ensure safety for the construction process of the "Saigon Ba Son Complex" project, the installation of a shoring system is an important part of the project. The shoring system ensures that the earth walls and surrounding ground The project does not sink or collapse during construction. At the same time, it also creates favorable conditions for construction activities such as foundation construction, construction of upper floors and other stages.

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