Construction of 500 KV power line on My Tho - Duc Hoa route

Construction: 500kv power line My Tho - Duc Hoa route
Category: Construction of concrete piles 350 x 350
Location: 48th position – Duc Hoa – Long An

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The 500kV My Tho - Duc Hoa power line project is an important electricity infrastructure project in Vietnam. This project aims to upgrade and expand the national power transmission system, ensuring stable electricity supply and meeting the increasing demand for electricity.

The 500kV power line is chosen to transmit large amounts of power from power plants or main transformer stations to distant consumption areas. This line will connect from My Tho Transformer Station (Tien Giang province) to Duc Hoa Transformer Station (Long An province), with a length of about tens of kilometers.

Currently in Long An province, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) and National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) have assigned SPMB to implement the construction of 4 transmission grid projects including: Line ( DD) 500kV My Tho - Duc Hoa; Duc Hoa 500kV transformer station (TBA) and connecting lines; 500kV Song Hau - Duc Hoa transmission line; Ben Luc 220kV substation and connection and Power Transmission Company 4 (PTC4) will take over management and operation when the project is completed.

The construction of the 500kV My Tho - Duc Hoa line will contribute to minimizing losses during the transmission process, improving the performance and reliability of the system. In addition, expanding this transmission system also helps allocate power sources more effectively, meeting the needs of economic and social development in the region.

This project may include the construction of high voltage poles, transmission lines, transformer stations and other related structures. Construction and installation work will comply with safety and environmental standards to ensure the sustainability of the system.

Le Thy Construction Company Limited is pleased to be the concrete pile pressing contractor for this project in the Duc Hoa - Long An area.

Safely driving concrete piles is an important part of constructing power grid infrastructure. Concrete piles are used to keep transmission lines and power cables stable and in precise positions. Driving safe concrete piles for the power grid is a complex job and requires the professionalism of engineers and workers.

This process helps ensure the stability and safety of the power transmission system, thereby contributing to stable power supply to end users, safe and stable power supply, and enhancing the reliability of power transmission systems. power system for the Southern key economic region.

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