Project: Nguyen Kim Hau Giang Commercial - Entertainment Service Center

Category: Construction of concrete pile pressing D500

LocationTrunk Road 1/5 Tran Quang Dieu, Nguyen Cong Tru, Ward 1, City. Vi Thanh, Hau Giang

Investor: Nguyen Kim Hau Giang Investment and Development Company Limited

Construction unit: Le Thy Construction Company Limited

Start time: 12/2018

Nguyen Kim Hau Giang Commercial Center was built in 2018 and is a large business facility in Hau Giang province, Vietnam. This center can provide diverse products and services such as electronics, home appliances, technology equipment, home appliances and more. With the construction of this commercial center, people in the area can access the latest products and technology from reputable brands.

avt hau giang 1

Nguyen Kim Shopping Center is famous for providing modern and convenient products and services to customers. This is an ideal destination to shop for electronic devices, household appliances, technology equipment and many other goods.

Le Thy Construction Company Limited is pleased to accompany Nguyen Kim Hau Giang Shopping Center in the construction of BTLT D500 pile pressing.. We are a company specializing in construction and have experience in constructing construction projects.

Some pictures of projects under construction:

Construction of D500 pile pressing

Pressing BTLT D500 piles is an important part of the construction process, ensuring stability and safety for the project. We are committed to carrying out accurate and high-quality construction processes, complying with technical and labor safety standards.

Transport and crane piles to the construction site
Transport and crane piles to the construction site

We wish to bring satisfaction to Nguyen Kim Hau Giang Shopping Center through quality construction and meeting project requirements. Thank you for the trust and cooperation of Nguyen Kim Commercial Center, we will do our best to achieve the best results during the construction process of BTLT D500 piles.


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