Tan Tao Industrial Park Factory Project

  • Construction: Tan Tao Industrial Park Factory
  • Category: Pressing concrete pile D300
    Construction, installation and completion of the factory
  • Location: Road No. 3, Tan Tao Industrial Park
  • Contractors: Thu Phuc Private Enterprise

Some construction images at the project "Tan Tao Industrial Park Factory":

Tan Tao Industrial Park Factory is an industrial park in the city. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This place was built to provide production space for businesses and factories.

Tan Tao Industrial Park has a convenient location, near major roads and provides full amenities and services such as electricity, water, transportation and security. If you are looking for a location to expand your production activities, Tan Tao Industrial Park may be a suitable choice.

Le Thy Construction Company Limited is pleased to participate in the Tan Tao Industrial Park Factory project and undertake the D300 Concrete Pile Pressing item. We are committed to performing this work with high quality, complying with technical regulations and the set schedule.

To complete the D300 BTLT pile pressing item at the Tan Tao Industrial Park Factory project, we will implement safety measures and use modern equipment and machinery to ensure accuracy and efficiency during the process. pile pressing process. Our team of experienced technicians will work hard to complete the job according to customer requirements.

We always attach great importance to maintaining good relationships with customers by providing professional services, communicating smoothly and resolving all requests or questions from customers. We hope that this project will be successful and bring satisfaction to all parties involved.

If you have any other questions or requests, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

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