Construction of District 4 Police Headquarters

  • Construction: Construction of District 4 Police headquarters
  • Category: Pressing concrete piles D300 & D400
  • Location: Doan Nhu Hai Street, Ward 12
  • Contractors: Quy Vuong Construction Joint Stock Company
  • Construction unit: Le Thy Construction Company Limited
Some construction images at the project "District 4 Police Headquarters":

District 4 Police Headquarters is an important building, which provides security and order services to the community. Therefore, we understand that the construction of this headquarters must comply with strict standards of security and safety.

We comply with standards on labor safety and environmental protection during the construction process. Ensure that the project is constructed safely and does not negatively affect the surrounding environment.

To press BTLT piles (Steel Mounted Concrete) D300 and D400 with modern technology and machinery, we have used modern pile pressing technology such as an automatically controlled pile press to ensure the pile pressing process is carried out. perform accurately and effectively.

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