Construction of larsen piling and anti-shoring kingpost frame system

I.Introduction of larsen poles and larsen pole production process

larsen (Sheet pile) is a sheet member designed into keyways to form a closed retaining wall. It is effective to prevent water or prevent soil in other applications. Piles OLDYes larsen (Sheet pileincludes sections obtained by drawing, folding or rolling, stamping and forming in diving machines, or assembled from rolled parts…


Construction of larsen piles at Tung Ho steel factory

Production process Sheet pile: After the steel is refined through a complex steelmaking process that requires high technique and technology, the raw material is cast into a billet. Then the billet continues to melt to form the pile steel product Sheet pile

 Construction and installation of shoring kingpost system


Product parameters of larsen poles according to JIS . standards

ParameterLarsen SPIIILarsen SPIV
Length (mm)6000 – 180006000 – 18000
Width (mm)400400
Height (mm)125170
Thickness (mm)1315.5
Weight / kg)6076.1
ivn cu larsen 58616 0 0


Advantages of larsen products

  • larsen (Sheet pile) easily joined by a weld or bolt to increase the length.
  • Steel sheet pile Sheet pile can be used many times so it is very effective economic results.
  • Using steel sheet piles good larsen (Sheet pile) for slope stabilization or embankment in road works, tunnel through some complex hilly terrain.
  • larsen (Sheet pile) can withstand high stress both during construction and during use.
  • Sheet pile capable of withstanding great force while the weight is too small.

Product pictures of larsen poles


II.Confidenceh Construction of Larsen piling and support frame system:


– The construction process is shown by us in the construction method process drawing squeezing Larsen:

Step 1: Press the first pile bar to the specified depth.

Step 2: Press the second pile bar and determine the load capacity of the pile.

Step 3: Raise the machine body and stop at the position of the pile clamp lower than the pile head.

Step 4: After stabilizing, raise the pile press machine.

Step 5: Push the hammer head pile clamp forward and rotate the clamp from right to left.

Step 6: Adjust the hammer head to the pile to slowly lower the pile.

Step 7: Dig the soil and transport the soil out to a depth of 1m compared to the MTN

Step 8: Mounting set anti-shorring king post frame system

– Note of the pressing part is to carefully align so that the pile is not skewed.


                                                   Image: Larsen poles and frame system


The above are all the most basic technical and organizational measures that the contractor is expected to apply during the construction process. With the professional qualifications and experience of technical staff, with highly skilled workers, with modern equipment and the ability to complete the work that have been tested through the projects over the years.

We affirm that if selected and assigned by the investor, our contractor will complete and hand over to the investor a work of quality, high art and handover on schedule. .

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