Drilling work when pressing piles

Depending on the geology, the designer offers a feasible pressed construction solution. If the geology has quite thick layers of sand (fine grain, coarse grain, medium grain), the normal pile pressing method will not be feasible: The pile cannot penetrate because when pressed, false rejection will appear (with sand, false rejection is smaller than the design rejection), sand grains under the pile tip and around the pile will compact, increasing the friction force around the pile, increasing the tip resistance (increasing the load-bearing capacity of the ground), The soil bearing capacity should increase proportionally to the pressure. The more pressure you increase, the more difficult it will be to press when the sand layer is too thick. (Therefore, when pressing piles through sand, it is necessary to have time to think for the sand layers to return to their normal state before pressing again. This is only feasible when pressing through sand layers that are not too thick.)


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Therefore, to avoid the above phenomenon, it is necessary to reduce the appearance of false rejection by vibrating pressing, drilling before pressing, and pressing with water. Among them, the guide drilling method is currently widely practiced because of its feasibility. Principle of guide drilling method: Before pressing, at the center of the designed pile, we pre-drill a hole with a diameter equal to (1/8 - 1/10) the edge of the pile, hole depth depends on the geological layer inside. below, so that workability is possible, the hole walls are held together with a bentonite solution. After that, we proceed to press the pile.

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Drill the ep coc

In civil construction projects, when pressing concrete piles for the foundation of a house <= 10 floors, one can use the method of pressing reinforced concrete piles instead of driving bamboo piles or making raft (braced) foundations and has the effect. bear the force standing on top of the pile. But sometimes pressing concrete piles also causes some harmful effects that can affect adjacent apartments, so in this case we must drill before pressing concrete piles for the following reason:

+ The adjacent house's foundation is weak, due to long-term construction.

+ The effect of drilling reduces soil extrusion that can cause settlement, cracking, and bulging of the next house's foundation.

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