Supply and construction of concrete piles DUL D500, D800, D1000…

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About us

Le Thy Company is a leading unit in the field of supplying and constructing concrete piles in Vietnam. We have many years of experience in the construction industry and have successfully supplied and executed concrete pile driving for many important and reliable construction projects.

Services we provide

We provide service Supply and construction of concrete pile driving High quality, guaranteed to meet all technical requirements and standards.

Centrifugal concrete pile
Centrifugal concrete pile

Why should you choose DUL concrete piles of Le Thy company?

There are many reasons why Le Thy's DUL concrete pile becomes the first choice for construction projects:

  1. Quality and reliable

The piles are taken directly from the leading pile manufacturers and manufacturers in Vietnam: Thu Duc Centrifugal Concrete Company, Phan Vu Company ... are produced with advanced technology and quality process. Strict quality ensures that the technical standards and requirements of the construction industry are met.

We are committed to providing high quality, reliable and durable DUL concrete piles, which increase the stability and safety of the construction.

Centrifugal concrete pile driving
  1. Technical team and skilled workers

We own a team of technicians and experienced workers, highly trained in construction - Concrete piling. Our team of experts will ensure the construction process is carried out correctly and efficiently, ensuring the safety and durability of the project.

Centrifugal concrete pile pressing
Centrifugal concrete pile pressing
  1. Consulting and customer support

We understand that each project has its own unique requirements and conditions. Therefore, we are always ready to advise and assist customers in choosing the right type of concrete pile for their project. We are committed to meet all customer requirements and expectations with dedication and professionalism.

Contact us

If you are in need of supplying and executing DUL concrete pile driving for your construction project, please contact us to receive detailed advice and quotation. We will listen and understand your requirements and ensure the best solution.

Contact Info:

Contact Info:

We look forward to cooperating with you in the supply and construction of high quality DUL concrete pile driving, ensuring the sustainability and safety of your construction project. Come to us – Le Thy company, an expert in the field of concrete pile driving supply and construction, to experience our quality and reliable service.

Do not hesitate to contact us today for professional advice and detailed quotation. We are committed to bring you the optimal solution and meet all the requirements of the construction project. Choose DUL concrete pile of Le Thy company and ensure the success of your project!