Pressing concrete piles with ROBOT


Pressing concrete piles with a robot is expensive but can be said to be very effective. Robotic pile pressing is being used in large projects, small and medium-sized projects, most people still use mechanical pile pressing...

The cost of pile pressing using self-propelled robots may be very high, but the economic efficiency it brings is very clear, mass pile pressing can be 3 times faster than static pressing (same pressing surface).

Previously, when pile pressing technology developed, people mainly used the provincial pressing method, but recently, the self-propelled robot pile pressing method has developed very strongly, and can become the most optimal method. Future.

With those criteria, our company is looking forward to interacting and introducing to you a new pile foundation construction technology with Robot equipment that can press D600 piles and a load that can reach 700 tons, the level of efficiency. Very economical and absolutely safe in work.

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