Pressing piles of people's houses

     Le Thy Construction Company Limited is a reputable unit in the construction market and is always a trusted address for businesses and individuals in constructing projects. Program on pressing concrete piles and producing concrete piles.


Pressing piles of people's houses

     Currently, Pressing concrete piles Le Thy is providing residential concrete pile pressing services to customers in Ho Chi Minh City and the Western provinces. The South, the Southeast and the central provinces. Our company provides customers with the following services:

     – Pile Complete concrete package: Including consulting, design, concrete pile production and pile pressing.

     – Supply of centrifugal concrete piles, supply of reinforced concrete piles.

     – Production of concrete piles according to orders, according to customers' designs and requirements. For concrete used to cast piles, use 100% fresh concrete grade 300,350,… from home machine, main steel uses grade 16, 18, 20,... Viet Nhat steel or pomina, Belt steel uses grade 6,8 Viet Nhat steel or pomina, single code plate(box) 8, 9, 10 mm. QCustomers can monitor production from making steel cages, checking steel cages, and pouring concrete.


Square reinforced concrete piles

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 Centrifugal concrete round pile

    – Design and construction of diaphragm wall systems pile.

     – Excavation of basement soil, site clearance.

     – Provide and squeezing Larsen, construction of support frame system Shoring – King Post For residential and townhouse projects, basement construction is required. thep nam viet 2013118104743

Cu Larsen

     Pile press construction machine: Robot press 680 tons - 420 tons, concrete load press from 80 tons to 400 tons, pressed iron piles from 50 tons to 200 tons, anchor pressing 40 tons - 50 tons, pile pressing without using electricity, pressing good larsen 130 ton robot, hydraulic press with load capacity from 60-400 tons. Pile pressing uses iron loads for projects with narrow construction sites.

     To achieve the set goals, LE THY CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD must always improve itself, professionalize at a higher level every day, focusing on training the leadership and staff. Strong in theory and good in practice, as well as focusing on other skills: customer relationship skills, professional customer care, fully equipped with machinery to serve construction projects , improve quality and reduce costs; Set strict quality requirements and explore new methods, conquer quality challenges to create more and more perfect construction products.

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