Pressing concrete piles using iron loads

1. Introducing security services pressed iron piles

 Pressing iron-loaded piles is to use a hydraulic press with a counterbalanced load of solid iron loading blocks to drive concrete piles into the ground without causing noise or vibrations like driving piles with a conventional hammer. Pile pressing is stopped when the pile head is embedded in the hard geological layer or the pressing force has reached the load Pmax.


2. Why choose iron loading pile pressing?

Pressing iron piles Use counterweights that are solid iron loads instead of using concrete loads. With a weight more than 3 times greater than the weight of the concrete load, pressing concrete piles using iron loads is very effective for projects with limited construction space or projects that require large counterweight loads. For townhouse projects, using the pile pressing method to load iron is the most optimal.


3. Advantages of iron loading pile pressing

  • The pressing load is high, the pile is pressed deep into the ground, the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation are very high.
  • Can be used for both projects with limited space and large projects.
  • Construction is faster than anchor pressing and does not cause noise.

4. Disadvantages

  • Construction costs are higher than pressing concrete piles.

5. Why should you choose Le Thy as the pile pressing construction unit?

 Pressing concrete piles Le Thy is a reputable unit in the construction market and is always a trusted address for businesses and individuals in the construction of projects on pressing concrete piles and producing reinforced concrete piles.


 Diagram of pressing rig

     Currently, we are providing foundation construction services to customers, investors, and businesses such as:

     – Drilling piles, constructing mini bored pile diaphragm walls for tunnel projects of high-rise buildings, townhouses,...

     – Larsen pile pressing, tUse bracing Shoring Kingpost


Pressing larsen piles at Fuco Steel Factory


Pressing piles with iron loader

– Pressing concrete piles for industrial civil construction projects, pressure on people's houses, townhouse,…

– Casting reinforced concrete piles, providing square, round concrete piles, ...


Concrete pile casting workshop

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