Experimental pile pressing

The purpose of the experiment is to determine the load-bearing capacity of driven piles, pressed piles, bored piles, and barette piles based on waves and measured stress at the pile head using the CASE or CAPWAP method. It is necessary to have a set of self-falling hammers that cause shock force for PDA experiments (in construction projects, using hammers is much more convenient). Hammers commonly used here are: Delmag, ICE, Berm, MKT... or some Korean air hammers.


Research on PDA has taken several decades to become as "near" perfect as it is today.

Application of large deformation dynamic testing method: Determine quite accurately the location and extent of defects on pile coal. Determine the load-bearing capacity of the pile, determine the relationship chart between load and displacement, and provide some directions for handling piles and hammers for the user.

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