Larsen Pile Extrusion Construction Measures

I. Introducing the overall construction plan

1. Supply process and squeezing Larsen

– Based on the project's geology, design drawings, whether the project uses Larsen SP III or SP IV piles, the number of piles we will provide to the construction site according to technical requirements.
– Transporting piles, pile pressing robots, welding machines, auxiliary equipment and materials to the construction site. Check calibration documents and test operations to prepare for Larsen pile pressing.
- Proceed larsen poles, technical staff of the customer and Le Thy Construction Company jointly supervise the pressing process and record the pile pressing log. The project is completed, the two parties conduct acceptance of pile pressing
at the construction site.
– Based on acceptance, both parties will liquidate the contract.
– With the above closed process, the Company LE THY CONSTRUCTION LIMITED will bring customers the highest peace of mind and trust. At one stage of work, customers will work with the department's top management staff to make quick, accurate decisions, shorten time, and bring high economic efficiency to both customers. products and our company.



2. Technical regulations for applying larsen pile pressing

Based on the requirements of the Bidding Documents, the technical construction design drawings have been approved by the investor.
– Organize supervision and quality management in accordance with State regulations on construction quality management, according to current standards (TCXDVN 9394-2012)
– Construction organization TCVN 4055:1985

– Acceptance of construction works TCVN 4091:1985
– Heavy concrete – moisture maintenance requirements TCVN 8828:2011

3. Procedure for performing and checking each job

  • To ensure the construction of project items is technically and aesthetically correct and reduce errors, the contractor sets out the implementation and inspection process for each job as follows:
  • The technical department of the Site Steering Committee reviews and checks the drawings to carry out construction. Proposing construction methods and construction plans. If it is discovered that the drawings have errors, unreasonableness, or components that need to be implemented in detail, they must be reported to the Company's Site Steering Committee for resolution.
  • After receiving the report, the company's Site Steering Committee will carry out detailed implementation of the components, propose directions for handling errors and submit them for approval to the Investor, Design Consultant, and Supervision Consultant. close to consider and resolve.
  • Once the drawings, measures, and material samples have been approved, the contractor will proceed with construction under the inspection and supervision of the company's site management board, Party A's technical staff, supervision consultants, and consultants. design consultation.
  • Before moving forward with construction, the contractor will conduct an internal acceptance test. The content of inspection is geometric dimensions, shaft center, level reinforcement, tightness of formwork, location, quantity, diameter, geometric size of reinforcement, checking aggregates for concrete, Construction water, buried details.
  • After internal inspection and acceptance is completed, acceptance will be conducted with the Investor and Supervision Consultant.


1. Construction surveying work 

Surveying plays a very important role, it helps the construction to accurately shape and size the building's geometry, ensure verticality, structural tilt, and determine the correct position. The location of the center axis of the works, of the components, technical systems, and pipes, minimizes errors in construction work. Surveying work must comply TCVN 3972-85.
Positioning the project: After receiving the handover from Party A of the site, landmarks and elevation of the area. Based on the positioning plan drawing, take measurements by machine.

Determine the location and elevation ± 0.000 of the construction items based on the total area of the area, then make a written confirmation with the Project Management Board on the basis that the designer is responsible for the technical solution. position technique, height ± 0.000. Locate the project within the land area according to the design. Establish a construction control network as a means for all survey work. Proceed to set monitoring markers for the project.

These observations are intended to monitor the impact of the construction process on the deformation of the building itself. Monitoring landmarks and monitoring equipment must be strictly protected and managed, and use on the project must be approved by the investor. Measuring equipment must be calibrated and calibrated within the allowable period of use.

The project must have at least 2 main marker piles, with the marker piles at least 3 meters away from the edge of the structure. When constructing, based on landmark piles, make detailed measurements of the house's positioning axes. Prepare records of monitoring milestones and regular monitoring reports for each stage of construction to monitor deformation and position deviations and promptly find solutions.

2. Lasen pile construction work

Use Larsen piles to make a surrounding wall, then level the ground to create a level surface service for pile construction. After the construction of piles and retaining walls is completed, the piles will be pulled up for reuse.

2.1. Preparation

a. Electricity supply:

Complete installation of 380V - 125KW power source and temporary road for construction machines and cranes.

b. Estimated construction time

– For pile pressing method using static machine, working time is from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m
– For pile pressing method with vibrating hammer, working time is from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

2.2. Organization of construction

a. Method for pressing and withdrawing Larsen-4 piles using static pressing method:

– Gather Larsen presses, cranes and pile materials to the construction location.
– Construction equipment includes:
+ Specialized tire crane:
* Brand: or Kato 25 tons
* Lifting Capacity: 25 tons.
* Country of manufacture: Japan
+ Static pile pressing machine: AVP- 130
* Pile head pressure: 70 tons 130 tons
* Country of manufacture: Japan.
* Power source: 380V – 50KW.
– We use 1 to 2 hydraulic pile presses (with the above parameters) to construct construction method drawings and cranes for pressing piles to move on temporary roads.
– Due to alternating construction work, we have to arrange it smoothly to avoid construction affecting each other, leading to slow progress.
– The verticality of Larsen piles has an error in the range of 0-1% and the pile tip tilts towards the outside of the building. The verticality of the pile during the pressing process is adjusted by machine and we will use a beam to determine the verticality of the pile.
– We show the construction process in the pile wall construction process drawing:
Step 1: Press the first pile bar to the specified depth.
Step 2: Press the second pile bar and determine the load capacity of the pile.
Step 3: Raise the machine body and stop at the position of the pile clamp lower than the pile head.
Step 4: After stabilizing, raise the pile press machine.
Step 5: Push the hammer head pile clamp forward and rotate the clamp from right to left.
Step 6: Adjust the hammer head to the pile to slowly lower the pile.
– Note of the pressing part is to carefully align so that the pile is not skewed.


Pressing Larsen piles at Biomos tank at SCG paper mill

In case of deposit withdrawal:

– When withdrawing piles to make the pressing part, then the position of the crane to serve the extraction will be discussed with the investor. If it is not possible to stand on the internal road and ring road, the investor must give permission. The construction party allows the crane to go down to the basement floor to serve the pile removal work. 

Our construction unit proposed: In order to be able to pull out piles smoothly, the Investor would like to dig and construct the tunnel wall and then pull out the piles and then continue constructing the basement floor. (To avoid the situation where the crane has to move into the basement floor and damage the floor)


2.3. Safety measures:

During the construction process, we pay special attention to safety issues at the construction site. To achieve that, we carry out the following tasks:
– Before construction, we will check and verify that all machinery and equipment are sufficient and meet standards.
– Coordinate with the investor and the unit in charge of road preparation to ensure safe movement of machinery during construction.
– Must regularly check welded joints, bolts, transmission chains, cable pulleys, motors and electrical systems...
– Can only be used when the hammer is stable on the pile. The hammer suspension cable is a bit slack.
– At first, only low frequency vibration is allowed so that when the pile is stable, then gradually increase the vibrating force of the hammer.
– After driving a pile, when moving the machine to the new pile location, you must pay attention to the ground to avoid the phenomenon of the ground sinking or sinking, causing the machine to tilt or overturn.
– Absolutely do not stand under high voltage power lines.
– Fully equipped with labor protection for workers operating on the construction site (Shoes, clothes, helmets...)
– Train labor safety procedures for operating workers and regularly request officials at construction sites to check, supervise, and remind.
– Place dangerous signs at necessary locations.
– Appoint a guide, turn signals, and channelize (If necessary)
– Persons who are not on duty are absolutely not allowed to operate construction machinery and equipment on the construction site.
– Workers can only work under the direction of technical officers and mechanics.
– Absolutely prohibit unauthorized people from entering the construction area.

     Above are all the most basic technical and construction organization measures that the contractor plans to apply during the construction process. With the professional qualifications and experience of technical staff, with the high skills of workers, with modern equipment and the ability to complete work that has been tested on projects for many years.

We affirm that if selected and awarded by the investor, our contractor will complete and hand over to the investor a project that ensures quality, has high aesthetics and is handed over on schedule. .

Piles static test

Construction of basement with Larsen piles combined with Shoring kingpost system


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