Pile pressing construction process

1. Organize construction on site


Manpower arrangement chart

2. Arrange the total construction site

     Arrange the total construction site based on the total construction site, construction technical design drawings, construction sequence of proposed items, paying attention to requirements and regulations on construction safety, Environmental hygiene, dustproof, noise-proof, fireproof, security, ensuring not to affect the activities of surrounding areas.

     On the total floor plan, the locations of construction items, locations of machinery and equipment, storage yards for reinforced concrete piles, electricity and water lines systems for construction, housing systems, and temporary camps for construction workers are shown. ministries and employees.     

3. Supply process and concrete pile pressing

  – Transporting reinforced concrete piles, pile presses, and loading concrete to the construction site. Check calibration documents and test operations to prepare for pile pressing.

  - Proceed Pile, technical staff of the customer and Le Thy company jointly supervise the pressing process and record the pile pressing log for each pile center. The project is completed, the two parties conduct acceptance of pile pressing at the construction site.

  – Based on acceptance, both parties will liquidate the contract.

  – With the above closed process, LE THY Construction Company will bring customers the highest peace of mind and trust. At one stage of work, customers will work with the department's top management staff to make quick, accurate decisions, shorten time, and bring high economic efficiency to both customers. products and our company.

4. Applicable technical regulations

  – Based on the requirements of the bidding documents, the technical construction design drawings have been approved by the investor.

  - Standard Keh Concrete and reinforced concrete structures – Design standards (TCVN 5574:2012)

  – Pile Standard – Field testing method of axial static load table (TCVN 9393:2012)

  – Organize supervision and quality management in accordance with State regulations on project quality management, according to current standards (TCXDVN 9394-2012)

5. Sequence of pile pressing construction

  – Crane install the base frame into the correct design position.

  – Load the counterweight onto the base frame.

  – Crane install the press rack into the base frame, accurately position and adjust the press rack to stand upright.

Construction steps for a pile center:

Step 1: Survey to determine the position of the pile center in preparation for pressing using a marker pile to mark the center of the pile

Step 2: Use the crane to move the pressure rack into the correct position of the marker stake placed above. After placing the press rack, use a surveying machine to adjust the verticality and balance of the press rack and install the necessary equipment for the press such as oil pipes, etc. to assemble the welding machine.

Step 3: After securely jacking up the press, place the counterweight on the press rack using the crane.

Step 4: Use an anchor cable to tie the pile to ensure it is secure, then use a crane to lift each pile segment into the position of the pressing rack cage, each pile segment is connected to each other by welding, finishing pressing when it has pressed to the correct specifications. design issues given.

Step 5: Check the verticality of the pile in both directions with a total station before pressing. Proceed to press the pile at a speed of 1cm/s until the pile tip is 200mm above the ground then stop.

Step 6: Move the guide pile up and crane the middle section of 9m to install it on the press bar and tightly install the pile head into the guide tower, then weld the two pile sections together. Check the verticality of the pile in both directions with a total station before pressing. Proceed to press the stem section at a speed of 1cm/s until the pile tip is 200mm above the ground then stop.

Step 7: Use negative pressure piles to continue pressing until the pile tip reaches the design depth and the pressure force is not less than Pmin

Step 8: After pressing a pile, slide the pressing system on the base frame to the next position to continue pressing. During the process of pressing the pile on the first foundation, use a crane to hoist the second base frame into the second foundation hole position. .

  After finishing pressing one foundation, move the entire pressing frame system to the second base frame that has been placed in advance in the second foundation hole. Then crane the counterweight from base frame 1 to base frame 2.

IMG 04272

Stop pressing piles is applied in the following cases:

  – The pile tip reaches the design depth and the pile head pressure is not less than Pmin   (by design).

  – If the pile tip has not reached the design depth, stop pressing the pile when the pile tip pressure is not less than Pmax  (by design)

  – If the pile tip reaches the design depth and the pile pressure is less than Pmin then pile pressing continues until the pressure reaches P .min   (by design)

  The construction unit will notify the Supervision Consultant, the Investor, and the Design Consultant when there is a difference in the value of the pressure force and the pile driving depth to have a solution, and when necessary, conduct additional soil surveys. Supplement and conduct experiments to have a basis for conclusions.

  Piles that are tilted beyond regulations (greater than 1%), piles that are pressed unfinished due to encountering foreign objects in sand, abnormally hard clay seams, broken piles... must be handled by pulling them up and re-pressing them or pressing additional new piles (due to specified design).

  Use appropriate drilling methods to destroy foreign bodies, through sand drives, hard clay seams, etc.

  When the pressure has just reached the design value, the pile cannot go down anymore, while the pressure on the pile continues to increase beyond the maximum pressure (Pep)max then before stopping the pressure, use valve to keep the maintaining force (Pep)max within 5 minutes.

  In case the press does not have a retaining valve, it must be pressed three to five times with the pressure (Pmax).

  Finish pressing one pile.

  In addition to supply and construction of pressing square pile, Centrifugal round pile Le Thy Construction Company Limited also supplies and constructs squeezing Larsen by hydraulic robot, construction kingpost shoring, bored pile drilling