Manufacturing – Installing equipment and accessories for wind turbines


Producing accessories for wind turbines

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying high quality accessories for wind turbines, contributing to the sustainable development of the renewable energy industry.

With more than years of industry experience, we have built a solid reputation in the manufacture and installation of high quality wind turbine accessories. We are committed to meeting the most stringent standards and specifications to ensure optimum performance and reliability of wind turbines.

We offer a wide range of wind turbine accessories, including: Shackles, Jtube Tubes, Stairs….All of our products are built from high quality materials and are tested. thoroughly to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

Production of wind power accessories

Manufacture of turbine accessories
manufacture of turbine accessories

We are the first unit in Vietnam to complete and install wind power auxiliary items.
Specifically, Le Thy undertakes the construction of 4 main items of the project:

2.Supply and construction of all items of centrifugal concrete pile with diameter D800.

dongcocd800 bentre 1

2. Finishing construction of Wind Turbine foundation

mondiengio TG

3. Production and installation of steel structure turbine cylinders (J Tube, J Tube support shackles, Pillar head reinforcement shackles, poles and buckets, bucket bumpers, railings, stairs, bearing floors, important hooks) survey.

Jtube 1
cum baove daucoc 1
cum 1
wind power accessories manufacturing
Production of wind power accessories

In addition, we also rent equipment for wind power construction to other units if required.

wind turbines
Wind turbines

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