Lethycorp received the construction of D800 concrete piles and completed the foundation for wind power projects across the country.

Lethy Corp is one of the largest solution providers in Vietnam in the renewable energy industry from offshore wind power. We have experience and sufficient equipment and human resources to undertake complete foundation construction, transport and installation of turbines, and pull underground cables to transformer stations for offshore wind farms.

The potential of wind power

Vietnam is located in the tropical monsoon climate, with a coastline stretching over 3,000 km, so the potential for wind energy development in Vietnam is extremely large.

According to the World Bank's assessment, Vietnam is the country with the largest wind potential of the four countries in the region, with more than 39% of Vietnam's total area estimated to have an average annual wind speed greater than 6m. /s at an altitude of 65 m, equivalent to a capacity of 512 GW.

Wind power potential of Vietnam at an altitude of 65 m:

Average wind speedLow < 6m/sAverage 6-7m/sRelatively high 7-8m/s8-9m/s highVery high > 9m/s
Area (km2)197.242100.367 25.6792.178111
Area ratio (%)60,630,87,90,7>0
Potential (MW)401.444102.7168.748482

Le Thy Construction Company is always proud to be the leader in the field of wind power construction. We always update construction technology according to the development trend of the country and the world. 

Following the trend of clean energy development, We have invested a lot of equipment and machines and the skills of a team of experienced engineers to meet new requirements and new techniques in the field of foundation construction. nail.

Currently, Le Thy company is undertaking the construction of offshore wind power with the following main items:

  • Concrete pile driving
  • Producing wind power accessories such as: Shackles, Jtube pipes, Stairs...
  • Completion of the foundation
  • Transporting wind turbines
  • Install wind turbines
  • Pull the underground cable.


Le Thy ensures that the materials and equipment used in the construction of the wind power foundation meet the highest quality standards. From the selection of quality materials, to the inspection and quality control procedures, the company always adheres to technical regulations and standards to ensure the sustainability and safety of the works.

With many years of experience in this field, the company has built a solid reputation and is a reliable partner of many large wind energy projects.

We are very pleased to be entrusted by the investor to perform the foundation work at 2 large wind power projects in the West: Tan Phu Dong 1 and 2 wind power projects (Tien Giang - PCC1 Investor), Soc Trang wind power project, IA Bang wind power project - Gia Lai, wind power project No. 5 - Ben Tre.

As a reliable partner, Le Thy Cam company is committed to providing customers with the most optimal wind power foundation construction solutions, ensuring quality and efficiency. The dedication, professionalism and passion of the company's staff has been creating success and trust from customers.

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