Le Thy is currently accepting construction work bored pile drilling (pile), rock drilling for all projects nationwide. With modern machinery and equipment, we confidently complete all projects from easy to difficult.

What is bored pile drilling?

Bored piles are a type of deep foundation applied in construction for more than 10 years. With diameter from 60 – 300 cm, divided into many different sizes large and small to suit each project.


Why use bored pile drilling in construction?

Bored pile drilling is by far the most popular construction solution in many advanced countries in the world. In Vietnam, bored pile drilling technique is used more and more popularly. Bored pile drilling is commonly used in large-scale construction clusters and high-rise buildings that require a large load foundation.
In addition, the advantage pile that they can be used on soft ground to help improve the load-carrying capacity of the foundation effectively.

Bored pile drilling is suitable for deep boreholes and well prevents soil re-filling in bored pile boreholes. In most construction cases, bored piles bring high efficiency at a relatively economical cost compared to using traditional piles.


Advantages of bored pile drilling

Bored piles can be used both by self-propelled drilling and manual drilling with electric drilling rigs. This advantage makes the bored pile option convenient for construction on all complicated terrains from small alleys to big streets. During the construction process, it will not cause uplift in the surrounding area and will not cause settlement and cracking affecting the surrounding piles.

In addition, the number of piles in a pile cap is small, so it is easier to arrange piles. In general, the safety and cost savings as well as the construction time of the bored pile method are higher than that of conventional pressed piles.

Drilling Pile has a larger nose depth and cross-section than prefabricated piles, so the load capacity will be greater. The bearing capacity of this pile is rated 1.2 times higher than other construction options, so it is suitable for large projects with heavy loads or complex terrain changes.

The outstanding advantage of bored pile construction is that the safety in design and construction is relatively high and the bearing capacity and durability of the foundation are good.

Disadvantages of bored piles

  • Bored drilled piles are more expensive
  • Construction works require high technology
  • Difficulty in checking pile quality
  • Relatively long construction time
  • In the swampy environment and the construction depth is limited


Le Thy Company with many years of experience in bored pile drilling, modern machinery and equipment imported from Europe, we confidently accept all construction projects at home and abroad with the fastest construction time and lowest cost for customers.


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