Negative pile pressure

Sound pressure method:


This method uses a stretch pile to Pile down to the negative core, then pull out the leading pile to press another pile. The structure of the negative pressed pile is designed and manufactured by the construction staff.

– Negative pressure piles can be made of reinforced concrete or steel
Because the stroke of the press piston can only press about 0.6 - 0.7m above the natural ground, the pile length is taken from the height of the top of the pile in the station to the natural ground plus a distance of 0.7m. is the piston stroke as above, an additional 0.5m can be taken out to make pressing operations easier.

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+ Advantages: No need to use reinforced concrete auxiliary piles, higher economic efficiency, the guide pile now becomes the tool pile in lowering the pile to the design negative core.

+ Disadvantage: when working with the guide pile, you must be careful to avoid tilting the main pile head because the guide pile is only temporarily connected to the main pile head (cap the pile head on top of the pile). The construction of projects with basements and greater depths at the base of the station is more difficult to construct. After pressing, withdrawing the pile is more difficult. In many cases, the main pressed pile is tilted.

Finishing the pile pressing work:

The pile is considered pressed when it satisfies two conditions:

1. The length of the pile pressed into the ground is about Lmin   Lc   Lmax

In there:

Lmin , Lmax is the shortest and longest length of the pile designed and predicted according to the fluctuations of the ground in the area

Lc is the length of the pile lowered into the soil compared to the design level;

2. Pressure before stopping within (Pep) min   (Pep)KT   (Pep)max

In there :

(Pep) min  is the smallest pressure specified by the design;

(Pep)max is the maximum pressure specified by the design;

(Pep)KT is the pressure at the end of pile pressing, this value is maintained with a penetration speed of no more than 1cm/s on a depth of no less than three times the diameter (or edge) of the pile.

In case the above two conditions are not met, the constructor must notify the investor and designer for timely treatment when necessary, conduct additional land surveys, and conduct testing experiments to have a theoretical basis for treatment.

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