What Is Fresh Concrete?

Fresh concrete is ready-mixed concrete, also known as commercial concrete. This is a mixture of sand, stone, cement, water and additives in standard proportions to create concrete products with different strength characteristics.

Fresh concrete products are applied to industrial projects, high-rise buildings and even residential buildings with many outstanding advantages compared to conventional manual mixing, due to automatic production by machines and Aggregate management from the input stage helps control quality, further shortening construction time and material gathering space.

On the current market, there are many companies providing fresh concrete in many different areas, mostly concentrated in big cities and developed construction areas.

Le Thy Construction Company Limited supplies and installs concrete piles made from fresh concrete

 Le Thy reinforced concrete piles are cast entirely from fresh concrete - commercial products taken from reputable concrete factories in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong. Currently, Le Thy is supplying to the market all kinds of precast square concrete piles at Le Thy factory such as 250×250, 300×300, etc. We only cast piles according to orders under the supervision of customers from the beginning. making steel beds to pouring concrete and maintaining. Customers have needs concrete pile pressing I will buy piles from centrifugal concrete factories to directly construct Pile as required.

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