Construction Measures Pressing ROBOT Piles (illustration)


1. Test pile pressingsodo1 ep robot lethy

– Use an electronic total station to locate the pile center.

-Gather piles to construction location

-Craft the pile into the pressing position, accurately adjust the center of the pile

-Align the pile upright and press

-Press each pile stroke until the end of a pile section, connecting the pile accurately

-The last part is pressed with the negative pole. After pressing, pull out the negative pressing tool.

-Stop pressing when Pmax reaches the requirements according to the design documents.

-Conduct loading for static compression and produce results

2. Mass pressing

Similar to static test pressing

-Conduct mass pressing after experimental results are available

-Stop pressing when the pile top depth and height reach the design and the allowable pressure according to the design.

- Note:

  1. Location of gathering piles
  2. Cable hook part
  3. Direction of pile movement
  4. Arm
  5. Pile
  6. Load Department
  7. Pile heart position

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